Foshan ABD Equipment Co.,Ltd has been founded in 2003.
machines are Products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, North America 、South America 、 Africa 、Taiwan and other countries and regions; excellent quality and service, also for our company in the industry to win a good reputation.
Development  History
1st ABD ’s VPL
90% market in China Annual Capacity of VPL : 20 Sets
Annual Capacity of VPL : 30 sets; Annual Capacity of VAL : 1 Set; 1st VPL in Saudi Arabia; 1st Vertical wood Grain Line in Saudi Arabia 1st VPL in Thailand
1 st VPL In Malaysia ; Annual Capacity of VPL : 35 Sets; Annual Capacity of VAL : 1 Set
In 2012, the plant was relocated from Dali Town Nanhai District to a new plant in Leping Town, Sanshui, covering an area of 40000 square meters
Annual Capacity of VPL : 39 Sets; Annual Capacity of VAL :2 sets; 1 st VPL in Kuwai; 1 st VPL In Algeria 1 st VPL in TAIWAN Area
Annual Capacity of VPL : 45 Sets ; Annual Capacity of VAL : 3 Sets; 1st VPL in Turkey; 1st Vertical wood Grained Line in TAIWAN Area
1st VPL in USA; 1st VPL in Mexico; Annual Capacity of VPL : 52 Sets; Annual Capacity of VAL : 1 Set;
Anual Capacity of VPL : 40 Sets; Annual Capacity of VAL : 1 Set; 2 sets of VPL in Vietnam
Annual Capacity of VPL : 46 Sets Annual Capacity of VAL: 1 Set
2nd VPL in Thailand; Annual Capacity of VPL : 42 Sets; Annual Capacity of VAL : 1 Set
1st VPL in Mauritius; 1st VPL in Dominican Republic; 1st VPL IN Colombia Republic; 1st VPL in Qatar; 1st VPL in Sri Lanka;
1st HPL IN Costa Rica; 1st VPL in EGYPT; 4th VPL IN Saudi Arabia; 8th VPL in Vietnam; 2nd VPL in Kuwait;
1st HAL in Philippines 1st VPL InPhilippines 4th VPL In Algeria 2nd VPL In Indonesia1st VPL In Iraq
3 more sets VPL In Vietnam 2 more sets VPL In Indonesia
Successful  Cases